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Leased Service sharing + Smart Leaning

TechLopers offers a new and innovative approach toservice sharing thatis built on transparency, stabilityand deep understanding to assurecompliancewith your quality standardswhile seamlessly integrating into your existing business operations in the most cost efficient manner.


A smart leaning approach utilises a deep understandingof service sharing business processes, enabling the detection of end to end idiosyncrasies and waste, ultimately eliminating them to reduce costs and increase effic0iency.

Let us look at an example to better understand the cost benefit provided by LSS.

In a highly digitalised environment, a team of 200+ employees dedicated to the accounting function is working at 100% capacity, additional workload would mean adding employees, IT infrastructure, office space, employee benefits and other overheads leading to diseconomies of scale.
Our client has recently landed a project in Audit support, where 10 new people would be required to successfully run the operation. The client is faced with two options,

1. Reject the project, or

2. Accept and hire 10 new personnel

Hiring new personnel for a temporary project would mean adding fixed cost for a temporary source of revenue. It would be preferable to add variable cost instead of fixed cost for such a project. This is where LSS steps in.


Positions Qualifications Median CTC/Yr. Median CTC/Month
Manager CPA/CA, with 5yrs. + experience in Attest/Audit $1,00,142.00 $8,345.17
Senior Auditor CPA/CA/Graduate in commerce with 4-5yrs. + experience in Attest/Audit $76,339.00 $6,361.58
Senior Audit Associate CPA/CA/Graduate in commerce with 2-3yrs. + experience in Attest/Audit $70,628.00 $5,885.67
Audit Associate Fresher graduate/ 0-1 yrs. Experience in Attest/Audit $57,112.00 $4,759.33

1. A sample team size of 10 employees
2. For the aforementioned team there is one manager and one senior auditor, overseeing the process.
3. There are 2 Senior Audit Associates and 6 Audit Associates.
4. Costs of IT infrastructure remains constant and unaffected by geographical location.
5. Managers role is not shared using LSS. All LSS subordinates report to the manager at the home office.
6. Other overheads(fixed or variable) are not used to compute the cost difference and represent a 100% cost saving to a client, since they are borne by TechLopers


Total CTC for Process at Home
Position Median CTC/yr./Employee Total CTC Hours Cost/Hour
1* Manager $1,00,142 $1,00,142.00 2120 $47.24
1* Senior $76,339 $76,339.00 2120 $36.01
2* Senior Associate $70,628 $1,41,256.00 4240 $33.32
6* Junior Associate $57,112 $3,42,672.00 12720 $26.94
  Total CTC for Process/yr. $6,60,409.00    

Total CTC for Process when shared using LSS
Position Median CTC/yr./Employee Total CTC Hours Cost/Hour
1* Manager $1,00,142.00 $1,00,142.00 N/A N/A
1* Senior $25,440.00 $25,440.00 2120 $12.00
2* Senior Associate $21,200.00 $42,400.00 4240 $10.00
6* Junior Associate $14,840.00 $89,040.00 12720 $7.00
  Total CTC for Process/yr. $2,57,022.00    
Effective Reduction in Process Cost$4,03,387.00
Cost reduction %61%

To begin with, the Cost with LSS Vs. Cost at Home, brings to light the cost saving of 61%+ by partnering with TechLopers and using LSS.

Notice, the Cost at Home is increasing by a larger factor than the Cost with LSS, when this service is shared with us, thus yielding in greater cost savings as the team size increases.

By sharing time consuming work with us and paying less for that time, you can effectively reduce the cost of services by as much as 61%*.