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What is Leased Service Sharing?

Businesses around the world look for a competitive edge. While some leap ahead, many grapple with cost escalation arising from increasing capacity and spurring expansion. These players urgently need an innovative approach to expansion through Leased Service Sharing.

Let me explain.

In a highly digitalised environment where in the back office a team of 200+ employees dedicated to the accounting function is working at 100% capacity, additional workload would mean adding employees, IT infrastructure, office space, employee benefits and other overheads leading to diseconomies of scale.

Leased Service sharing + Smart Leaning

TechLopers offers a new and innovative approach to service sharing that is built on transparency, stability and deep understanding to assure compliance with your quality standards while seamlessly integrating into your existing business operations in the most cost efficient manner.

1. Working round the clock, utilizing the time gap

2. Increased client serving capability by adding appropriately skilled human resources into the operational chain, without adding fixed costs or other employee benefits

3. Increased efficiency, reduced work pressure and turnaround time

4. Significantly reducing costs, opening your business to a larger pool of customers

A smart leaning approach utilises a deep understanding of service sharing business processes, enabling the detection of end to end idiosyncrasies and waste, ultimately eliminating them to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

5. An interconnected and interdependent world coupled with digital technology drives revolutionary enterprise change. Imagine resources around the globe augmenting your business, increasing your serving capabilities, enabling high quality value generation at superior speeds, providing the competitive edge you need with a substantial cost saving.